10 Day Reset Challenge

QAR 1,800.00

Are you ready to challenge yourself? 

Introducing the 10 Day Reset Challenge. We challenge you to go fully raw vegan for 10 days supported by our reset box that will give you the tools you need to reset your mind and body. 
What's In The Box:

beauty water,  detox tea, guide, wellness gift

Beauty Water 
Special blend of trace minerals, silica and rose water to give your skin a boost of hydration, revitalization, and detoxification.

Power Detox Tea
An all natural herbal tea designed to promote detox and cleansing for a healthier mind and body while boosting metabolism, reducing bloat, and increasing energy.

A full guide to help you through your 10 day reset program.
Wellness Gift
a gift from us for you to use in you journey. Choose from a personal training session, a group fitness class, or spa treatment. 
In 10 days you will: 
Clear your skin and complexion
Heal your gut
Increase your energy
Shed excess weight
Reset your digestive system
Use this unique system for anytime you need to hit reset, such as before a big event, wedding, or your next vacation. 

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