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Sucker Punch with Activated Charcoal

Grab this limited edition drink for the summer and benefit from the amazing properties of activated charcoal such as reducing bloating, giving you natural energy, boosting metabolism and helping in digestion.

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Green Junkie

Itʼs time to get addicted to health. Green Junkie is filled with spinach the most nutrient packed vegetable, lettuce great for weight loss, parsley a natural blood cleanser, and cucumbers which regulate blood pressure, all together a perfect remedy. Let the healing begin.

ingredients: golden apple, spinach , lettuce, cucumber, lemon, parsley

Calories (per 100ml): 18.6

Keen'On Kale

As energising as a cup of coffee, Keen 'ON Kale is packed with goodies including vitamins A, C and K, protein, antioxidants and a hefty dose of calcium. A tasty way to reduce any inflammation your body may be experiencing making it the perfect blend to help support your body’s natural defenses.

 ingredients: kale, green apple, cucumber

Perfectly Pear

Your heart is one of your most important assets and it’s vital that you keep it in tip­top shape. What better way to maintain good heart health than sipping on a juice that will reduce cholesterol and blood pressure whilst tasting amazing. Perfectly Pear will ensure that you have a long term and very special relationship with your heart getting your daily dose of vitamin B2, C, E, copper, potassium and pectin.

 ingredients: green pear , cucumber, lime

Flaming Fireball

This flaming fireball will do more than just hit your body’s reset button, it’ll also help you burn away any unwanted fat, boost your energy and aid digestion. Add a hint of sweet pineapple, some luscious lemon and groovy ginger, this elixir is packed with vitamin C and the mineral manganese, which regulates blood sugar and helps the body turn carbs and fat into energy.

ingredients: pineapple, lemon, ginger

Cool Crush

Fall in love with this sweetie. Cool Crush has pineapple to jumpstart your metabolism, mint aiding in digestion and golden apples elevating your immune system. Go ahead and crush that waistline.

ingredients: golden apple, mint, pineapple



Sucker Punch

Catch your second wind with Sucker Punch to sail through the afternoon, the morning routine or an all­nighter, your weapon for immunity protecting you from all the nasty stuff out there. High in vitamin C promoting a healthy immune system, antioxidants, and anti­cancer properties. Agave has a low glycemic level, regulating your blood sugar for a longer period.

ingredients: lemon ,organic agave, cayenne pepper

Radical Roots

Get that sexy back! Get a boost with Radical Roots. Beets increase the uptake of oxygen leading to far more stamina and power. Carrots have high levels of beta­carotene slowing the process of aging cells. Regular ginger consumption improves mobility and reduces arthritis. You just found the perfect workout partner. So Radical!

 ingredients: beetroot, golden apple, lemon, carrot, ginger

Rustic Roots

Go back to your roots with a deliciously sweet juice that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants guaranteed to have you brimming with good health. Not only will this delicious blend having you feeling great on the inside but it will also have a profound effect on your skin too. And that’s not even counting the benefits you’ll receive from the turmeric. Just one bottle will leave you brimming over with beauty and ready to take on the world.

 ingredients: carrot, turmeric , orange, sweet potato

Mega Beta

Mega Beta has powerful benefits including beautiful, healthier, skin thanks to vitamin A, cancer prevention and anti-aging. Blended with delicious golden apples and lemon for vitamin C helping reduce skin wrinkles and dryness.

ingredients: golden apple, lemon, carrot

Go Nuts

Too good to not feel guilty, so donʼt! Go Nuts is mineral dense. Your source of vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium perfect to replenish and rebuild your muscles, hair and skin.

ingredients: cashew, medjool date, vanilla bean, cinnamon, mineral water

Cacao Craving

Try this truly hydrating concoction that has plenty of protein, natural minerals and antioxidants with a sweet touch to give you an energy boost that keeps you motivated all day long.

ingredients: almond, raw organic cacao, organic sea salt, organic agave, mineral water

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