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Ready-to-eat fresh apple slices are perfect for a quick, healthy snack, ideal for people on- the-go. Fruity Friends apple bags are a treat for children and the family with nutritious apple slices ready to eat out of the bag.
They are great for a day out with the family where you might need a quick snack that is healthy and part of a balanced diet. 
Feeling the gap of available healthy ready to eat snacks on the go, a Qatari mother and entrepreneur, Layla Al-Dorani, founded Fruity Friends in an effort to encourage healthy eating among families in Qatar.

Superheroes is about saving human and non-human lives through what we feed ourselves and our loved ones.
For too long now we have been hoodwinked into believing we need animal proteins to thrive when in actual fact it’s the opposite. Animal proteins = illness and disease.
Plant based eating and especially whole foods plant-based nutrition = the healthiest and most vibrant way to live.


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