RAW’s Vision

Raw Middle East Limited Liability Company (Raw ME LLC) is 100% Qatari company; offering a variety of products and customized services to help you navigate a healthier on-the-go lifestyle.

Launched operationally in 2012, our company is leading the way in building innovative food production facilities and inspiring greater investment in the food industry in Qatar. By producing local, accessible and high quality healthy, plant based foods, we are contributing to improving Qatar’s food security and to the diversification of its economy. To us, healthy food is a powerful vehicle for the transformation of people’s lives, and is a key component to building future generations of productive and creative minds.


We are passionate about healthy living, feeding the community with all natural health products made from fresh plant-based ingredients.


Since the beginning, Raw ME has been a different kind of company with a vision to create honest products that customers can trust and become a positive value to an individual’s life. A great working place that inspires wellness, provides exceptional customer care, and personalized service. Delivering products of the highest quality and freshness.

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