The 10 Day Reset Challenge

Our newest program, the 10 Day Reset Challenge, comes with all the essential tools you need to reset your body and mind.


Fresh plant-based meals are delivered to your door, ready to eat.


Daily functional tea and beauty water concentrates crafted for cellular hydration, collagen boosting, skin rejuvenation and deep detoxification.


See + feel results right away including clearer skin, less bloat, more energy, better mood, better digestive functioning, and feeling like your best self.

beauty water, detox tea, guide, wellness gift

  • Beauty Water: a special blend of trace minerals, silica, and rose water to give your skin a boost of hydration, revitalization, and detoxification.
  • Detox Tea: power detox tea to boost metabolism, reduce bloat, and boost energy. An all natural herbal tea designed to promote detox and cleansing for a healthier mind and body.
  • Guide: a full guide to help you through your 10 day reset challenge.
  • Wellness Gift: we have partnered up with the plant based health and beauty brand Bo-ta-ny to offer you a gift voucher to keep you motivated through your 10 day reset journey.

  • Reset Meal Package: 10 days of nutritious, plant based meals that are designed to reset your system, delivered to your home. You will receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, and juice, delivered daily. Click here to view a sample menu.
  • Motivation: we have your back every step of the way with motivational messages to keep your going through your 10 day reset. you won’t feel alone on this journey.

A Day In The Life

Wake Up- drink beauty water and indulge in your first meal of the day, breakfast.

Mid Morning- have your mid-morning snack and power through the day

Lunch- see what Raw has in store for you for lunch

Late Afternoon- treat yourself to a healthy afternoon snack

Dinner- finish off your day with a plant based dinner and unwind with your power detox tea.

Note from the founder
Mrs. Layla Al Dorani

Raw is here to support you with your health and wellness needs. Having been in the plant based industry since 2012, we believe in using food as medicine. This program was created to reset our bodies and get back to feeling like our best selves. This kit gives you the tools you need to make a transformation in your life in 10 days and to look and feel like you have hit reset. You will receive plant based meals for 10 days, along with a kit that will help you in your journey. When you feel like your best self, you can accomplish anything and that is why we are here; to help achieve your wellness goals.

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