Why you should drink charcoal lemonade

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We all know of the benefits of drinking green juice; rich in anti-oxidants, healthy skin, good for gut health etc. But do you know the benefits of drinking charcoal lemonade?

 Raw Me Charcoal Sucker Punch combines two of the most popular detoxifying ingredients: lemon and activated charcoal.

 Activated charcoal is known to remove toxins from the body, improve digestion, promote clear skin and increase energy levels.

 Activated charcoal isn’t just your average charcoal, you can’t grind up the briskets that you use on the BBQ for example. It’s a particular type of charcoal that is pure, food grade and is made from materials such as wood or coconut shells. It’s processed using a high heat which makes it extremely porous, when combined with the negative electrical charge that is carried by the charcoal, it makes it excellent at picking up toxins within our body.

 Research has shown that activated charcoal can help to remove harmful bacterial from our digestive systems whilst avoiding the good bacteria. Which makes it a great remedy if you have a stomach upset.

 Digesting activated charcoal can also help to improve cholesterol by reducing the LDL (the bad type) of cholesterol by increasing the HDL (good type).

 The body also benefits from clearer skin, better organ function and more energy.

 Lemon of course is the go to for many of the same reasons but it can also boost the immune system, aid weight loss and  is a great source of vitamin C.

 So as you can imagine, these two ingredients together, pack a pretty powerful punch. 

 Just the scent of lemon can improve your health by boosting your energy which is especially useful if you’re feeling sick or sluggish. Lemon is also good for boosting digestion and promotes bile production which supports liver function having an overall detox effect on the body.

 There is also the weight loss benefit, this is because lemon (and apples) contain pectin, pectin helps you to feel fuller, for longer so you’ll be less likely to grab snacks throughout the day and stay full between meals.

 What you need to know about drinking charcoal lemonade

 When you drink charcoal lemonade then it’s extremely important to make sure that you drink a lot of water to counteract the detoxifying effects. Be sure to drink at least 2 liters throughout the day.

 Also be aware that since charcoal can rid your body of foreign toxins, it can also pick up other substances like prescription medication. Make sure you consult a health professional before you use activated charcoal products if you’re on important medication.

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