How To Quit Your Sugar Addiction

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It’s no surprise that many of us are addicted to the white stuff - SUGAR. Our modern lifestyle revolves around it, it’s in what we drink, what we eat and our bodies are craving it like never before.

Quitting sugar isn’t easy but removing sugar from your diet is good for your health and for the planet.

Here are some tips to help you quit sugar for good…

Have a clear out. You need to get rid of anything that contains sugar from your house. If you don’t want to throw it away then give it to work colleagues or family members - just don’t have it in your space. And don’t think it’s just cakes and chocolates that need to be thrown away. Sugar hides in many things you’d just not think of such as bread and cereal - in fact, any processed food is bound to have sugar included. 

By getting clear, you’ll not be tempted to grab the nearest cookie when your cravings get strong. 

Sleep! When we don’t get enough sleep the craving for sweet stuff gets triggered. So make sure that you’re getting enough sleep which won’t just help with your sugar cravings but also your overall health. 

Drink plenty of water. When our bodies need water it can sometimes manifest itself as hunger and your body starts to crave sugary and salty foods. So before you give in to the hunger pangs and grab your nearest bar of chocolate, make sure that you have a glass or two of water first. 

Get organised. If you’re going to be quitting sugar and trying to resist the urge to just grab food then you’re going to need to get organised. Making meals and snacks in advance is a good way of doing this. Or even having some RAW juices on hand to make sure that you’re note tempted.

Exercise. Obviously you know the benefits of getting active but exercising will regulate your metabolism, and quash cravings. So that’s another good reason to hit the gym. 

Do you have any more suggestions for quitting sugar? Why not tweet us @rawmeqatar. Photo credit @andstretchyoga.  


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