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Mindfulness is somewhat of a buzzword at the moment. But it’s more than
just a fad, mindfulness is something that we all have access too and it can
really improve our life. Modern day life has caused us to disconnect from the world around us, even disconnect from our own self. Mindfulness is a practice that can help bring us back to the centre and start living more consciously.

Here are ? Ways you can practice mindfulness in your every day life.

Be mindful about eating
Mindfulness is everywhere, even when you’re sitting down to eat. Start by
eating your meals in a more mindful manner. So if you like to sit in front of the
tv and eat, start by turning the tv off and start by smelling, tasting and really
chewing your food. By eating more mindfully, you’ll feel more satisfied, you’ll
eat less and you’ll also be a lot more nourished.

Take walks
Walking is a great way to practice mindfulness. Leave your phone at home
and walk whilst really noticing your surroundings and taking time to switch off
from your daily life.
Connecting with the outside world will make a big difference to how you feel
and you’ll also get some good exercise too.

Giving the advice to breathe may seem a bit of a strange one, but Echkart
Tolle once said, a single breath in and out is a meditation. So pay attention to
your breathing, this will give you (and your brain) a rest by giving you some

Connect with your senses
Smell, touch, taste, sound and sight are all the perfect gateway in to the
present moment. When you’re distracted by every day life then it’s difficult to
experience when your senses are picking up. So take time each day to pause and soak up when your senses are trying to convey to you. So it could be taking a moment to really smell the coffee, taking a walk and selling the flowers, ordering something different off the menu and really taking time to taste it. By just recognizing simple tasks you are acting more mindful.

Pause before action
If you’re the type of person who does everything at 100 miles per hour then
slow down and pause before taking action. For example, let the phone ring a
couple of times before answering it or sit in your chair for a couple of minutes
before starting work. Mini pauses during your day can create a grounding feeling and clear your mind.

Incorporate daily meditation
Meditating doesn’t just mean sitting in the lotus position and chanting OM.
You can meditate for just a couple of minutes per day and enjoy the benefits
of increased energy levels, happiness and inner peace.
Start by just sitting in your bed for 5 minutes before getting up, don’t pick your
phone up or have the radio on, just sit there and enjoy the silence.
Becoming more mindful can improve all aspects of your life, from your home
life to your work life. Just take moments throughout your day to relax, enjoy
and go inside your own mind.


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