How to make working out a habit

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We all know that working out makes us look good, it makes us feel
good and it’s beneficial for overall health. But, getting in to the
habit of working out - that can take a bit more of an effort.

There’s no magical way to make working out a habit, but with a few
tips and tricks, there are definitely ways to push the process along.
The theory outlined in the book The Power of Habit is called "The
Habit Loop" and its basic premise is that making something a habit
is a three-step process.

First of all you need to use morning as your cue. Let’s face it, as the
day goes on you are less likely to want to get your running shoes on
and get moving. So on the basis that you’re more likely to make
things happen in the morning then make your exercise date for the
am. So whether that’s setting up a regular morning running session
with a friend so that you’re help accountable or you vow to get to
the gym by 9am, so you leave your trainers by the coffee machine -
whatever your ideal workout is, get it done and dusted first thing.

The next step should be variety. You need to vary your workout so
that you don’t get stuck in a rut and get bored. It’s better to do a
variety of exercises to it doesn’t feel like a chore, so maybe mix up
yoga and spin so that you’ll enjoy it more.

The third step is to reward yourself. We live in a treat yo self
generation so it’s time to embrace it and use it as the carrot to get
you to workout. Don’t treat yourself with something that your body
doesn’t deserve though, working out isn’t an excuse


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