How to feel more awake in the morning without caffeine

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When was the last time you bounced out of bed, full of energy and didn’t feel the need to reach for that cup of coffee before you could speak to anyone?

 It’s been a while right?

 Caffeine has always been known as the best way to boost your energy in the morning but along with the highs of caffeine, come the lows, and no one wants to be on an energy rollercoaster. 

But it is possible to feel more awake and energized in the mornings - without reaching for the coffee.

 Drink more water!

 Water is your best friend. By drinking more water and making sure that you’re hydrated you’ll experience benefits such as more energy, clearer skin, better digestion. When we allow our bodies to get dehydrated then the oxygen circulating in our blood stream is reduced which leads to fatigue and illness.

 Get in to the light

 Try to get at least 15 minutes per day outside not only will your vitamin D levels be increased but you’ll benefit from the fresh air refreshing your mind and body.

 Enjoy more superfoods

 Foods such as dark leafy greens (kale, spinach etc), nuts, seeds and good grains all pack a powerful punch that can increase your energy levels and keep them stable throughout the day.

 Enjoy breakfast

 Your body cannot survive on coffee alone. Ditch your morning coffee in favor of enjoying a health breakfast. Eating breakfast will give you the energy you need and also reduce the risk that you’ll end up bingeing when it comes to lunch and dinner time.

 Upgrade your afternoon snack

 By mid-afternoon you’re likely to feel a dip in energy so instead of reaching for the sugary snack, reach for a green juice or nut milk instead.

 Just a few small changes can make all the difference.



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