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We often give the advice that you should drink more water on this blog. And
of course you don’t need us to tell you that it’s important to stay hydrated but
it’s not always as easy to follow the advice.
We’ve complied some top tips to help you make sure that you’re drinking

Drink a glass as soon as you wake
When you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up you’re activating
your important organs. It also helps to boost your immune system and kick
starts your metabolism. So rather than reaching for a cup of coffee as soon
as you wake, drink a glass of water followed by a cup of warm water and
lemon to ease you in to a hydrated day.

Set a goal
Know how much water you want to drink and stick to it. It’s no good just
declaring that you want to drink more water, you need to know that you’re
actually increasing your intake. Think about how much you’re currently
drinking and just add a couple of glasses to get you started on your hydration
journey. The average person should drink approximately 2 litres per day.

Buy a bottle
Drinking from a bottle that you find visually appealing will make drinking your
daily allowance a lot easier. If you enjoy it, then you’re likely to use it more
often - it’s really as simple as that. You can fill it in the evening so it’s nice and
cold for you by the morning and also there are a lot of places now that offer
free water refills, so you need to make sure that you have your bottle to hand.

Get hydrated from food

Watermelon, cucumber, celery and grapefruit are not only all delicious but
they’re also great at keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Just add a few
of these foods in to your daily menu and you’ll be sneaking a lot of extra
water in per day.

Use an app
Since we all rely on our phones to help us throughout the day, then download
an app to track your water intake. You can try Waterlogged if you’re on the iPhone or HydroCoach if you’re an Android fan. It makes it easier to see your
water drinking goals and keep you on track.

Set an hourly alarm
If you’re not very good at sticking to a water drinking schedule then set a daily
alarm on your phone or fitbit. Of course before long your body will get used to
this routine so you’ll be able to silence that alarm but to get you started its a
good reminder of when you should be drinking.

Make water more interesting
A lot of people find it difficult to drink water because it’s just so boring. But it
doesn’t have to be that way. Improve your water intake by adding cucumber
and mint, lemon and basil or just slices of orange. Fruits, vegetables and
herbs all give water a boost without adding sugar and calories.


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