How to Deal With The Season of Indulgence

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With National Day and Christmas all taking place in December, it’s most definitely a month of indulgence. After all, it’s a time of parties, get togethers and long lunches. But whilst it maybe a time of fun, the over indulgence doesn’t leave your body feeling great. 

With New Year fast approaching, here are some tips on how to deal with the season of indulgence and stay feeling fantastic.

Bring a healthy dish to the party: Don’t worry if you’ve not been asked to bring anything, the host will be thankful that you’ve been so thoughtful PLUS you’ll have a healthy dish you can stick too. 

Eat a healthy meal before you party:  You may think that eating a meal isn’t the best idea before a party but you’d be wrong. Going to a party feeling satisfied will ensure that you stay away from those treats that will be loaded with sugars and bad fats.

Don’t drink your calories:  Sugary drinks are packed with calories - and since they don’t fill you up, you’re most likely going to eat on top. Steer clear of high calorie drinks to ensure you’re not doubling up on your daily calories.

Taste instead of binging: Just because it’s holiday season, it doesn’t mean you have to go all out and eat as much food as you possibly can. Tasting dishes instead of filing up on them is a great idea when its party season. 

Eat more protein: A diet that is rich in protein keeps you full and less likely to crave sweet stuff. Why not check out our blog post on how to get more protein in your diet without meat. 

Keep working out: Don’t ditch your regular workouts just because it’s party time. Working out often will keep you in great shape and reduce your sugar cravings. You’re also going to feel better about yourself so it’s a win/win.

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