Why it’s time to give up your soda habit

Soda consumption is declining year upon year but there are still plenty of
people who drink it daily not realizing the devastating effects the bubbly drink
can have. Not only can drinking soda (even diet versions) have a negative effect on
your waistline but it can also have more serious health risks including tooth
decay, diabetes, heart disease and asthma.

Here are just some reasons why it’s time to give up that soda habit and start
consuming water instead!

Increased risk of diabetes

The high sugar levels found in soda can put an enormous amount of stress
on your pancreas which potentially leaves it unable to keep up with your
bodies need for insulin. By just drinking one sugary drink per day your risk of
type 2 diabetes increases by 25%.

It dehydrates you

Soda contains caffeine which is a diuretic which of course causes you to
urinate more frequently. When your body is dehydrated then it’s difficult for
your body to absorb the nutrients it needs.

The chemicals are no good for you

Ever wondered how soda gets that dark brown color? It’s caramel coloring
which is a chemical process that is made by the sugars reacting with
ammonia and sulphites under high pressure and temperatures.
This is not good news for the body and is linked to cancer and vascular

It’s empty calories

Drinking soda is just a waste of calories, one 330ml can of cola has
approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar. These calories are also devoid of any
nutritional value.

It’s no good for your teeth

The acid in the soda will wear away your dental enamel and also combine
that with the amount of sugar and it’s not good news for your pearly whites.

It depletes your mineral levels

A healthy body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals. But the phosphoric
acid that is in soda removes a lot of the calcium that you need for strong
healthy bones. Researchers found that women who drank 3 or more cola
based sodas a day, had almost 4% lower bone mineral density in their hips,
even though researchers controlled their calcium and vitamin D intake.

It can change your metabolism

Diet drinks especially have always been marketed to people who are trying to
lose weight. However, drinking soda on a regular basis can change your
metabolism and make it more difficult to burn fat.

Whilst you may enjoy your daily sparkly drink, you’d benefit a lot more if you
just swapped this habit with sparkling water. A lot of sparkling water on offer
also has sodium and other minerals added making it even healthier for you. If
you miss the flavours of soda then create your own flavour by adding fruits to
your drink - all the taste and none of the calories or sugars.

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