What is a plant based diet and why you should try it.

If you’ve dipped your toes in to the wellness scene lately (or even taken a look at our website) then you’d have seen the term: plant based

But don’t be fooled in to thinking that a plant based diet is just about living on lettuce leaves and the occasional bit of kale. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Following a plant based diet opens the door to a large amount of delicious food - and even more surprising - it’s actually quite flexible.

So what is a plant based diet?  

Put simply, it’s a diet that throws emphasis on eating whole, unrefined fruits and vegetables. A plant-based diet is a based on foods derived from plants, including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits.

Our modern diets have become so full of food like substances that are high in chemicals and additives that it’s important we take back control and start eating food that comes from the land. As the old saying goes “don’t eat anything with ingredients your grandmother wouldn’t recognize”.

How to get started on a plant-based diet.

It depends on you, your life and how far you want to take the plant based lifestyle. If you’re a heavy consumer of animal products then you may want to just replace a couple of meals a week with plant based dishes.

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Missing meat? No problem.

If you’re missing meat then you can add healthy alternatives such as tempeh, edamame beans or tofu. This will add texture, fiber and protein to your meals. If you do this then make sure you choose organic and good quality products.

Why should you try a plant based diet.

Plant based diets are good for your health and also good for the planet.  Following a well-balanced, plant-based diet that focuses on wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds will provide many health benefits. These include lower cholesterol levels, weight loss and a reduced incidence of chronic disease such as diabetes.

Focus on the nutrients.

The best thing about following a plant based diet is you can ditch calorie counting and stop worrying about portion control. But there are some key nutrients you should focus on, these include protein, vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D, as well of course as the essential omega 3 fatty acids.

Certain nutrients may be difficult to source from plant food so you may need to source them from alternative sources such as plant milks or a good vitamin line.

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