How to Have A High Energy Day

Who doesn’t want to start every day full of beans and keep it going all day? Well, we have some great tips for you on creating your ultimate high energy day.

The morning…

Get your greens in: There’s no mistaking that green juices and smoothies are now the best way to start your day. The chlorophyll you get from the vegetables will oxygenate your blood and enhance vitality. 

Have a coffee: Just because you want to be as healthy as possible, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your coffee. Having a cup of coffee in the morning is fine, just don’t go overboard and drink it all day. Especially don’t drink it after 4pm as you will find it will interrupt your sleep. 

Wake up at the same time (even on weekends!): It doesn’t matter what time you go to bed you need to get in to the habit of waking up at the same time every day. This will get your body in to a stable schedule.

Let the sunshine in: Bright, natural light is the best way to wake up your brain in the mornings. If possible, get yourself outdoors within the first hour of waking. 

Have a good breakfast: Having a high protein based breakfast will help keep your blood sugars stable throughout the day not to mention keeping you full until lunch time. 

Exercise: We said get outdoors so why not get yourself outside to do some exercise. Fitting in a workout before work will boost your brain and body for the day ahead. 


Have a good lunch: Much like your breakfast, you need to make sure that you have a lunch that will power you through. Have something like a kale salad since kale will help remove toxins from the liver which will stop you feeling sluggish. 

Have a snack: a green juice or some raw nuts are the ideal choice for a snack. The ideal snacking time is around 4pm which is when your body and mind may start to flag. 


Make lists: An hour before you settle down to sleep write everything down. It means that you won’t lie awake worrying about things and you’ll have a head start on tomorrow. 

Do yoga: Stretching and breathing will help relax your mind and your muscles. 

Switch off the tv (and your ipad): Blue light which is what is omitted from tv’s and other devices is what keeps our brains active, which means the longer your spend on your iPhone before bed, the less likely you are to drift off to sleep. Switch all electronics off at least one hour before you plan on going to sleep. 

Ban electronics from the bedroom: Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you go to rest and sleep. By not having a TV or any other device in your bedroom you will find your sleep quality will improve greatly. 

Keep it dark and cool: Your bedroom also needs to be dark and cool for you to get the best sleep. And the better you sleep, the more refreshed you’ll feel in the morning. 

What tips do you have for supercharging your day? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook. 


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